If A Dog Has A Warm Nose, Does That Mean That It Is Sick?


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If you're concerned because your dog has a warm nose, in all likelihood, there is nothing to be concerned about. This is a common fallacy that vets often hear from their clients. While it may mean your dog is sick, it most likely means your dog has not recently licked or used his nose for anything in particular, or it could mean he has spent most of the day lounging about your house.

Many people falsely believe that a dog's nose should always be cold and wet, but this is seldom the case. After sleeping or resting, a dog quite often will have a warm and dry nose. If however, a dog has a warm and dry nose over a long period of time, this very well could indicate your dog has some health problems. In this case, it's best to take your dog to your local vet and let him determine if there is a problem. 

More often than not, the best gauge of your dog's health is your common sense. If your dog is normally playful and loves playing tug-of-war and other games with you and is acting lethargic, more than likely something is wrong with him and a visit to the vet may be required. Dogs are like humans in that when they run a temperature, it can be felt in their bodies. If your dog feels hot to the touch, it is very likely they are running a fever and you will need to take action of some sort to nurse them back to health. 

It's a common fallacy that a dog with a warm nose is sick in most cases.  Use your knowledge of your pet and your common sense to keep your best friend in good health so you can enjoy their company for many, many years to come.
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No. If a dog has a warm or a wet nose, that does not necessarily mean that it is sick. This is a common fallacy. Many people believe that a dog's nose should always be cold and wet. However, a dog's nose does not always have to be cold and wet. After resting, sleeping, or just lying around the house being lazy all day, a dog's nose is often warm and dry. This is especially true if the dog has not recently licked or used his nose for anything.

If the dog's nose is constantly warm and dry, this may indicate that something may not be right with its nose and you should consider taking the dog into a vet for evaluation. A vet will be able to determine if the dog's warm dry nose is normal or not.

Generally, a dog with a warm, dry nose is generally not a sick dog.
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Dry nose of pit bull, in fact of all dogs is nothing to do with health. Bulldogs have comparatively dry nose than others but this does not indicate any thing regarding their health. Many people think that dry nose is symbol of illness while wet nose is symbol of health. This is wrong. Dogs can be ill with wet nose and healthy with dry nose.

Dogs when wake up in the morning, have dry nose without any illness. It is general misconception among owners. If your dog is showing signs of illnesses like loss of appetite. Lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting etc then illness is suspected regardless of dry or wet nose.
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Your dog is fine its nose is supposed to be cold or warm it doesnt matter as long as it is wet your dog is fine  and I don't think the nose means he is completely sick. Just watch for symptoms.
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No, the dogs noes should be fine. Try to get it to move by taking it for a walk and give it lots of water.
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No, body can help you because you misunderstood the nose conditions of dogs. Dogs have a nose that can be cold and moist under the normal conditions but it should be free from any type of discharge. Cold or dry nose has no role in diagnosis of illness in dogs. Dogs can have dry nose as well but without any sign of illness and dogs can show signs of some illness even with moist and cold nose. So, you should not be worried about your dog nose. If your dog is showing some signs of illness regardless of nose conditions then take him to vet.
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That's a myth. If you get the dog up and play a bit it probably won't be that way anymore.
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If a dog has a warm nose, it means they not feel well and they may need a drink of water or they are feeling under the weather.
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If your dog feels warm to the touch and the nose is dry take a rectal temperature if temp. Running on the higher side contact your local vet. For options.
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No. Only a dry nose is bad. :) My dog had a warm nose once and I took her to the vet. I wasted a lot of money. Then one day she had a dry nose, I wasnt sure if I would do the same mistake by taking her to the vet for no reason so I kept her home. The next week she died. :(
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No because they still lick there noses. If a dogs nose is dry it means that IT"S SICK . !VERY IMPORTANT!LOOK!!!!

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