My Jack Russell Has A Red Bump On His Leg It's Been There For A Few Weeks And It Seems To B E Getting Larger. What Is This ? And What Can I Do To Get Rid Of It?


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All types of bumps in dogs require physical and microscopic examinations because there can be many types of these bumps. These bumps can be lipomas, hematomas, abscess, hives, sebaceous cysts, and cancerous etc. Although, lumps in dogs are usually non cancerous but can be cancerous.

In dogs,  most usually bumps are lipomas which are non painful,and fatty growths. These lipomas don't cause any problem but some times can be problematic. These lipomas usually don't require any treatment but surgery is done if their size is large. Cancerous growths can be malignant or benign. Malignant bumps can travel to other parts of the body and benign are confined to one location. So, any lump or bump in the dogs should be evaluated by vet that is why I recommend to take your dog to vet.

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