My Cat Is Throwing Up A Lot. What's Wrong With Her?


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well.. What I think is that when cats throw up ts because they are ill, or they have eaten something they didn't like and that food could also cause them diaria and that is not good, if it is because of food, before you buy food make sure it's a good cats food, and if she is ill then I suggest you keep your house warm and make her comfortable then she will be fine in no time...
good luck with your cat.... She will be fine...
glad to help... My pleasure :D
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Off and on vomiting in cats with no other sign of illness like anorexia, diarrhea and lethargy etc is not a matter of great concern. Persistent vomiting can be due to some serious illness. Major reasons of vomiting in cats are
  1. Hairballs
  2. Food allergy
  3. Exercise after meals
  4. Eating of grass and plant
  5. Eating rodents
  6. Intestinal parasites and worms
  7. Toxicity due to poisons
  8. Colitis
  9. Gastritis
  10. Enteritis
  11. Intestinal tumors
  12. Irritable bowel syndrome
Diagnosis requires physical examination, medical history and many lab tests. Treatment depends upon underlying cause. So, it will be good to take your cat to vet.
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Your cat might have a stomach virus . Or , she could be eating something that isn't agreeing with her stomach .

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