My Cat Is Vomiting A Yellow Substance. He Sleeps All The Time. He Is Weak. He Won't Eat, But Drinks. He Has Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight? What Could Be Wrong?


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I know this is not what you want to hear but this cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  The weight loss means this condition has been present for more than a few days--it is concerning when the body does not have further fat stores to use and starts burning muscle tissue.  Cats also are at a high risk for developing hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) when they stop eating; this can develop even within a few days.
The most common problems in middle aged cats include kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and chronic pancreatitis.
Just like with many things in life you get what you pay for--I am sure you could find a less expensive clinic that may not do a thorough workup or treat your cat appropriately.  The cost for similar care in human medicine is 3-10 times more expensive so it could be much worse.  You may also want to consider pet insurance to help with costs in the future.
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How to tell if your cat is actually sick? The first and most obvious sign of a problem with your cat's health is vomiting. If your cat is vomiting a yellow bile type liquid it can be the signs of kidney failure. Some longer haired cats will cough up hairballs. Long haired cats should be fed hairball food and petromalt to prevent the vomiting. The next most common symptom of a sick cat is if its not urinating in the litter box, it may have a urinary tract infection. If the cat's urine has blood in it or smells extremely acidic, then you should bring the cat to your veterinarian and have a urine test done to determine the problem with your cat. Although some cats (especially male) will occasionally urinate outside their designated litter boxes because of behavioral issues not health related issues. Also sometimes cats just don't like the type of litter you are using. Therefore you can change litters to try to remedy this problem. An excellent litter for sensitive cats is Yesterday's news, it is very soft on their paws. These are the most common and usually the first signs of a sick cat. If your cat is displaying these problems then I recommend making an appointment with your veterinarian. Good Luck!
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I think, just think he ate grass.
Once, our dog in japan ate grass,and it Vomited a yellow Substance.
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This happened to a cat I had, after the yellow came black. He had eaten some black foam rubber off some exercise equipment. He needed surgery to remove, this was about 6 yrs ago & he is fine now.

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