How Much Do Shots Generally Cost For Kittens?


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The cost of shots for kittens can depend on how many you get and which vet's practice you go to. On average, if you get all the shots on offer, it should cost around $400-$500. This may sound like an awful lot, but don't panic as once your cat is an adult, the yearly cost of any jabs will dramatically drop to around $50 per year - if that. This highlights that it is common practice to give most of the injections as early as possible to a kitten to help them avoid contracting any diseases when they have little or no defence.

The most important shots and tests a kitten should have are as follows:

- DRCC/FVRCP vaccination
- Rabies vaccination
- Fecal test
- FELV/FIV test
- FELV/FIV vaccination

You should also get your kitten micro-chipped in case it is lost or found injured. This way a vet can scan the kitten and find your address and contact details in a database so you can be reunited with your pet.

It is recommended that cats are neutered or spayed. This will stop females from getting pregnant and males from getting other cats pregnant. Even if you plan on keeping your kitten indoors and you do not have any opposite sex cats, it is still worth getting it neutered. It is said to be healthier and less stressful for the cat as it stops them coming into heat once a year. When a cat is on heat they can howl almost non-stop and display some rather abnormal behavior, so to have a more contented cat it is best to get them neutered at the vets.
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Shots are about 150-200 dollars, but in the long run your cat will have many more health issues and could develop serious diseases that will cost you lots of money and possibly your cats life
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About $20-$25
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If you have decided to take care of a kitten, taking her/him
to a vet for a shot is one the most important thing to do. The price actually
varies depending on the clinic. Check if there are clinics in your area offering
these vaccines for free. Don't forget that the cheapest one may not be often be
the best for your new kitty.
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Cost varies widely at individual clinics regarding vaccines. Some veterinary clinics and pet stores will offer vaccine clinics where they do not charge an examination fee. In certain areas local shelters will run a low cost vaccine/spay/neuter clinic.
Kittens should start their vaccination series at 6-8 weeks of age when they are weaned. They will need boosters every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. They will need one rabies vaccination. Fecal analysis and deworming should be done with all kittens. Depending upon your kitten's life style further vaccinations may be needed.

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