How can you tell when a dog is scared or nervous?


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Scared dogs tend to growl nervous they shake and put there tails between there legs
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When a dog is scared, it normally drops it's ears, and tucks it's tail between it's legs.
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According to the trainpetdog newsletter I received last 2 weeks ago, scared or nervous dogs tend to shake, bark, hide under the table/chair/bed and sometimes pee. When this happens, you need to comfort the dog or have it socialization trained.
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Nkki Pond
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Also don't forget the body sighns. Tail between legs, ears low, head down and body tense. It's sometimes a combination or only one. Maybe all of them! Also a growl shows the animal is uncomfy and want u to stop. Remember that it doesn't mean I'll bite u! Well unless u don't stop andmkeep doing what ever u were doing. A growl isn't a threat
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Dogs will usually lower their head and pin their ears back and curl their tail between their legs.They will snarl and show their teeth and usually be in a "crouching" position accompanied by barking and sometimes drooling.

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