My Cat Has A Cut On His Foot And I Tried The Gauze And Sock Thing And It Just Slipped Off And I Am Not Going To Glue My Cat! It's Not On The Pad Of The Foot It's Actually On The Heel (i Guess) Of The Foot, Can You Help?


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you never  said  how  bad the  cats foot was. You can always  put the  spray bandage  on .  It  will not  have to be   wrapped. Keep close eye on it  so it doesn't  get  infected. If it  is  a bad cut I would  seek a vet.
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Does that work with any liquid bandage like band-aid brand
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I have use the one for people. You can get it at walmart. A lot cheap then a vet bill. You can also put a littel supper glue on the paw but make sure it is dry before you let the cat walk. Or he will vbe glued to the flour. Water takes super glue off. So it will not hurt them.
I would stay with the spray on bandage. Let me know how it goes.

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