My Cat, White Nose, Off On His Own, Wet Eyes And Now Eats Wet Food, He Never Liked It. Can You Help?


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If your cat was missing for several days and returned home it is possible that this could be a different cat.  Have your cat examined by a veterinarian.  The wet eyes could be a sign of conjunctivitis or upper respiratory infection.  This disease complex could also cause increased interest in wet food.  When cats have a congested nose their sense of smell is decreased and this leads to decreased interest in food.  Canned food has a stronger scent so when cats are congested they are more likely to eat it.
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Had an x-ray and was given an antibiotic in a shot (something new the vet said). It has been over two weeks and still not the same. Also pulling his fur out on the underbelly. Was told he had a murmur.

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