My Cat's Breasts Are Very Hard And Are Not Producing Milk For The Kitten She Had This Morning. Is There Anything I Can Do?


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My cat's breasts are hard and not producing milk...

Make sure she is not dehydrated, as that can affect milk production. If she is, then try to give her some water.

She also may still have another kitten waiting to be born, and therefore will not produce much milk until all are born.

If the mother is still unable to nurse kittens after a little while, then take them to the vet and get some cat's milk for the kitten to tide it over until she's ok.

  • The gestation period for cats is anything between 64 and 67 days.
  • A pregnant cat's litter usually consists of two to five kittens.
  • Kittens are usually ready to leave their mother when they are twelve weeks old.

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