Is It Safe To Give A Cat Paracetamol?


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donna jackson answered
The answer is no, cats have incredibly sensitive nervous systems, and medicine designed for humans should not be given to your cat. Why would you determine your cat needs this, is it in pain? How can you determine the severity of the condition causing the pain. You could cause your cat to die, by treating it without a vet.

The other problem is how would you determine the dose, even if you knew the cats weight, it is a fraction of that of human adults over twelve, for whom Paracetamol was designed for. Do not give your cat tablets made for humans, take it to the vet and explain the situation.
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Richard Wheeler answered
No. Paracetamol is toxic to cats and even very small doses can kill them. Unlike humans paracetamol causes severe damage to a cat's red blood cells, preventing them from carrying oxygen around the body. This starvation of oxygen cause death within hours. In the rare case that a cat survives this far, severe, permanent liver damage occurs within days, causing coma and death.

Do not give ANY pet ANY human drugs, the size and biochemistry of an animal mean the suitability and dose of a drug is impossible to predict. If your pet is ill, take it to a vet.

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