What Can I Give My Cat For Upset Stomach?


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I heard that pepto can be lethal.
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Sometimes if you let them outside and they can eat a little grass it helps. That's natures cure and the animal knows it so they eat it when their stomach is upset.
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Give it pepto ! Sometimes it works. But don't give it to much. Just give it a tablespoon mixed with water
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Kaopectate is better than Pepto for animals. And some pedialyte soaked food to prevent dehydration.
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Hello, I am sorry to hear about your cat being sick. I have a cat who is 10 yrs old he has had stomach problems most of his life. The doctors gave me meds that he just threw up. My concern was he would throw up EVERYTHING HE ATE . After 3 days of him not eating ,and laying around I was so upset and angry because I love him. I went to the store bought Organic baby cereal (brown rice cereal) and the small jars of baby food chicken ,and a syringe. If you can't find a syringe the vet has them . I mixed the cereal and chicken with warm water and forced fed him every 30 minutes , He hated it but after a while of getting up to feed him he was better,Thank God . I keep all trash cans empty plants away from him because he has no clue that these things are dangerous. He will eat paper,and plants It wAS GOOD that I was unemployed because he would have died . Don't give up Force feed him a little at a time. He won't like it but believe me he will get better. God Bless

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