My Cat Has This White Worm Looking Stuff Coming From His Butt. Does My Cat Have Worms?


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If your cat has white worms that are coming from its rectum, chances are quite high that your cat indeed does have roundworms. There are a wide variety of worms that can afflict your cat and there are also a number of over the counter medicines that can help you to help your cat get rid of them.

It is in your best interest to take your cat to the veterinarian if this condition occurs in your cat. While there are many remedies that you can buy in the store, without knowing exactly what type of worm it is, it's unlikely you'll buy the right medicine. Also, if you have more than one animal in your household and one has worms, chances are very high that they all have worms. And if your animals have worms, everyone in your household in human form can be affected as well, so this is something you'll want to deal with as soon as you become aware of it.

Roundworms are one of the most diverse species of life on the planet with thousands of varieties and species, and over 16,000 of them are known to be of the parasitic type that can afflict animals. They have been wildly successful in adapting to almost every ecosystem on the Earth, including fresh water and they are found from tropical areas where they thrive to deserts and polar regions. And these ecosystems include live animals as plants such as cats, dogs, and humans.

If your cat has white worm looking debris coming out of its anal cavity, this is most certainly reason for concern and you should deal with it right away. A trip to the vet or a trip to the local drug store is necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy, as well as keep your family from the possibility of infection themselves.
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So unless you are eating fleas you are just dandy. Yes they are gross, but easily treated. The vet is not necessary. You can de-worm your cat at home. They even have all natural remedies so that you don't subject your cat to synthetic meds that could potentially make it very sick or even cause death.

Do your homework guys....Before you give wrong advice.
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Yes!  There are easy solutions, the best are from the vet, they'll want to charge you for exam and shots, (if no record is available), but well worth it to make your cat better and not to spread the worms to any other cats you may have.  Also, think of what you are cleaning up when you find the dead worms remains in your living quarters.  The remains look similar to rice, but you know where they've been. 
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Yes, your cat has worms. My cat has repeatedly had tape worms. There are a few type of worms. You need to take a stool sample to the Vet. And get the proper med-pill. To rid them. Cats get worms from ingesting fleas. Even though you use flea treatment, they can still occasionally pick up a few fleas; especially if they are outdoor cats.
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Thanks a ton! That's exactly what my cat has! A little white rice looking worm that moved next to his butt! Thanks again :)
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My cat has them too, sooo gross! I just saw a white little gooey thing on his tail and it was moving on the tissue paper that I picked it up with, at first I didn't notice until it looked like it got longer eww, is it a pinworm and is the vet the only option?
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I just wormed my new kitten for three days like it said and I just seen one also I hope he is going to be ok I have to repeat in two weeks
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Good, fear is a sign of intelligence. Yes, it sounds like worms, and yes they are very contagious. Keep all areas clean of droppings, wash bedding and the surrounding areas, always wash your hands after handling the cat or its things. Keep kids away from the cat until its worm free. Give it a healthy dose of wormer and then repeat according to the instructions.

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