Is It Safe To Give A Dog Benadryl?


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If your dog is suffering from allergies or any other symptoms that you would normally use Benadryl for on yourself it is obviously quite tempting to use the same medication that you would use on yourself, on your dog. The simple fact is that this medication has been around for a great deal of time and has therefore been tested over and over again. This means that pretty much every single side effect or interaction that may come from taking it has been ascertained and is noted on the bottle. It is one of the safest drugs that you could use on yourself or your dog and the chance of you causing any damage to your dog what so ever by administering Benadryl to him or her is extremely unlikely. The only real time that you need to be careful is if your dog has a prostate disease, hyperthyroidism or glaucoma, if your dog suffers from any of these conditions then you should not be administering the Benadryl to your dog. In most other cases you can safely administer the Benadryl to your dog without any fear of causing some damage. To cause any damage to your pet you would have to administer a huge amount of the medicine. However, as a rule it is generally advisable to visit your local vet when you feel that your dog is sick as they will be able to advise you of the best course of action and the most effective treatment to use.
Remember that Benadryl is dosed for a 150 lb adult. If your puppy weights 10 lbs, you will only want to give her 1/15 of a tablet. The best way to do this is to crush up a benadryl tablet and mix it with a TABLESPOON (not a teaspoon) of sugar. Start by giving him 1/4 teaspoon of this mixture and seeing how she reacts. You can always give her more if it doesn't bring relief but start out with a small dose before going to higher ones.
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DO NOT give your puppy sugar.And dogs need higher dose of benadryl than people, but use benadryl with formula only containing dihydramine NOT benadryl cold or flu or anything like that. The best way is to give about 1mg per lb of weight. I talked to the vet and she said the most common mistake people make is under-dosing. I feed my 40lb dog 50mg (2 25mg pills) every-morning and it really helps with itching. I have another 5 month old puppy weighing about 33 lbs and he had the same problem as yours. Perfectly healthy with no bugs or parasites but started itching. I gave him 1.5 of 25mg pills (37.5mg) and he stopped itching!!! Original formula Benadryll is perfectly safe with low risk of overdose and/or side effects. It might make your puppy drowsy but it does that to people too. But JUST in case. Look out for obvious signs of discomfort after administering. And you should ALWYS make sure you have access to the emergency vet! Oh and the best way to feed benadryl is to cover it with peanut butter and you don't even have to crush it. It tastes  worse if you do. But before you do anything, DO take your puppy to the vet to MAKE SURE it is allergies and not some other problem..!
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Yes, I have a 3lb dog that got into a bed of ants and was developing a rash. His throat started to swell and my vet was closed. I gave him 1/4 tsp. Of benadryl and he started doing better. The next morning I took him to the vet and explained what I had done. He told me that he had an allergic reaction and that the benadryl was what saved his life.
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Well I do not know if the vet recomends it but we've given are dog a low does of it before, however he is a big dog...hes only 7months but he is big
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Benadryl is used as anti allergy and available in liquid and injection form. Injection can be used as I'm or IV. Dose of liquid Benadryl in dogs is 1-4 mg/Kg body weigh, two to three times a day. Dose of Benadryl injection in dogs is 1-2 mg/Kg body weight, intravenous or intramuscular, 2 times in a day. But it will be better not to use any medicine in all pets without prescription of vet. If your dog has any allergic reactions then visiting a vet is better idea instead of treating by yourself.
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If I was you I would just try and take the dog to the vet never prescribe a dog any kinds of medicine that is not prescribe by the vet.
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Benadryl is anti-histamine and used to treat allergy. Duration of treatment with this drug depends
  1. Severity of problem
  2. Side effects of the benadryl
  3. Response of dog in terms of reduction in the symptoms
It is recommended that all medicines in pets should be used under the supervision of vet. So, no time frame for benadryl use in dogs can be given without evaluation of the severity of problem.
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Actually the easiest way to give Benadryl is to get Childrens Benadryl. It's easier to measure out that way. What you want to figure is 1mg per 1lb of body weight for your dog.
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There are so many other medicine for dogs to use. So if I was you I would give my dog, dog medicine. But if you don't have anything then it will probably be ok.
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Yes, when I lived in Virginia Beach, my 5 lb. Papillion developed "the Tidewater itch" and her vet prescribed Benadryl to relive her symptoms. It was the only thing that kept her from scratching herself bald.
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Yes, in a small dose if needed for travelling. It is better using a natural way of calming dogs down.
Bach's Rescue Remedy is fantastic.
Tiny pieces of Lavender in a envelope also is a calming agent.
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I don't think it is safe to give your dog people madacen you never now what could happen and if you don't now if its safe don't DO IT...
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First off there are several medications that are used to treat animals and humans both.(the same med just a different dosage and or reason for prescribing.(to name one...tramadol) I also don't think i would be giving any advice at all if i was unable to spell medicine or if i did not KNOW the difference between now and know. I mean really? Use the internet to go back to school instead of trying to give advice for a word you can't even spell.

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