Is It Safe To Give A Dog Dramamine For Car Sickness?


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Yes, under certain conditions it is safe. Dramamine is not FDA approved as a treatment for dogs but veterinarians use it to help with nausea in a dog. Dramamine is actually an antihistamine but is also helpful in controlling nausea.

As well as helping with motion sickness in a dog, this drug can help a dog that has a vestibular disorder of their inner ear causing dizziness, nausea and imbalance. A dog should receive two to four mg for every pound of the dog's weight at eight-hour intervals, when needed. The oral medication should be administered by mouth to the dog. The easiest way to give the medication to your dog is by crushing the tablet and putting the powder in the dog's food.

The side effects of a dog who is receiving Dramamine will include drowsiness, sedation, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea. Dogs who have thyroid problems, glaucoma, or that have experienced heart problems or seizures should never be given Dramamine. 

Another easy way to give your dog the medication is to take a treat that your dog really likes. This could be some cheese, beef jerky or even a little bit of hot dog. Insert the pill deep inside the treat. Dogs really are not stupid and might smell the medication within the treat, so it is important to watch him while he eats the treat to make sure he does not spit the medication out while the rest of the treat goes down his throat. If he does spit the medication out repeat this procedure with another treat.

Give your dog the medication an hour before you are travelling. If he is still showing signs of car sickness you can give him half a dosage again inside another treat. Never go over the recommended dosage for a human.
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Had the very same problem last year.  The vet recommended 1 tablet for the 30 pound golden lab pup and two tablets for the 70 pound collie mix.  (The 38 pound schnauzer mix didn't require any because she does not get carsick.  I resisted the impulse to just dose them all the same.)  I would definitely go with the advice of a vet you trust, but unlike Dr. Falk, above, Dr. Redden said to give the pills 1/2 hr before starting the trip, so we gave with breakfast each morning for our 5 day trip.  We did not have to redose during the day, but we did stop after driving 500 miles, and many people don't.  I probably would have given a second dose if we were going to drive all evening too.  Do make sure your dog is able to tolerate this med and that is doesn't conflict with either her condition or any other meds. Listen, it worked like a charm!
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Dramamine (dimenhydrinate) is used in dogs for motion sickness.  The dose is based on weight.  The dose range is 4-8 milligrams per kilogram of body weight given by mouth three times a day.  Do not start the medication at the same time you get in the car--you need to start 8-12 hours before you start your travel.

This medication is used with caution in dogs that have seizure disorders, hypertension, or cardiac issues.  Adverse effects can include depression, vomiting, diarrhea, can cause a dry tongue, increased heart rate, and anorexia--if your pets acts unusual in anyway stop medication and contact your veterinarian.
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I would just call a vet and ask them over the phone. I don't think that they would mind telling you about it over the wires. Hope this helps.
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I have a 25 lb pit bull pup, can I give dramamine for a trip and what is the dosage

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