How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Worms?


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If it's a just weaned puppy it got the worms from its mother. Take the dog or puppy to a vet so it can be treated for the right worms your dog might have, All worms you don't always see until the dog is full of worms then it might too late. Worms can kill a dog if not treated in time.
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Usually all puppies are born with roundworms. Roundworms are long and look like spaghetti. All puppies need to be dewormed several times after they are born. This is why a lot of times their bellys look bloated. Tape worms are completely different. They look like grains of rice and are not contagious. They come from swallowing a flea or chewing on dead rabbits or birds. The dogs must take a pill to get rid of these. I hope you know how important heartworm prevention is. Heartworms are caused by getting bit by an infected mosquito and is fatal if not treated, and the treatment is VERY expensive so I hope you keep your dogs on monthly heartworm preventative. The monthly pills also have intestinal dewormers in them so they are a very good thing to keep them on.
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Is when they have worms in there poop
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You can have the poop tested to find out by a vet. Most animals will loose weight but have bloated bellies and an over infested animal will vomit or pass the worms in their feces.
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My Chihuahua scoots his but across the floor does that meen hes got tape worms and how do I cure them
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