Is It Safe To Give A Dog Cotton Candy?


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I think so. But DONT give them chocolate.
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No way
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Yeah, i guess
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No. Ingredients are a factor. I don't actually know, but why not be safe and feed him Dog Food?
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Candy is never good for a dog. My dog once ate a whole Snickers bar and he became really sick. Geez! Was it a mess.
ANITA KAT answered's safe.people say giving animals any kind of sweets isn't safe because they could get can people.i've given my animals sweets,and they got no worms.i've eaten sweets my whole life,and i never got worms either.
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Hey Twitch, the little snot (I call him dummy sometimes. Lol) squeezed himself into a chair, managed to somehow push it away from the table and crawled his way up to grab it. You know... Maybe he's not such a dummy after all! He left the wrapper all neat on top of the table, such a considerate runny-nosed ittle dummy, he he!

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