Do Wolf Spiders Spin Webs?


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cara romanowski answered
Hunting spiders like the jumping spider, the lynx spider and the wolf spider do not use webs to catch prey. The wolf spider only uses silk for furnishing its hiding and breeding place. It uses its perfect eyesite and speed to hunt and catch its prey. It also lays down a "lifeline" so when it falls it can climb back up.
helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
I kept a wolf spider as a "pet" when I was little - although I was scared to death of her. She spun a kind of nest, but did not need it to catch prey, she just pounced on it and bit.
I let her go free after about a year, but I had got very good at catching flies for her in that time! I know she was a "her" because she laid eggs - the little blighters hatched too.
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No dey don't spin webs to catch their prey..but they do spin silk to either.. Spin around their eggs save prey for later or mating- like a phone line
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I think they are funnel weavers. Their web look like a little tornado. They hide in the back of it waiting for lunch. They spin a web because that is how they get their food.

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