Can Spiders Be Tamed As Pets? Which Ones?


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Yes, in spite of their forbidding appearance spiders make excellent pets; the tarantula a large hairy black spider that can grow as much as 10 inches long can be tamed as a household pet. These spiders which are aggressive in nature have been known to become highly docile especially if they have been tamed early on. The diet of the tarantula includes beetles, insects, toads and even small birds. Tarantulas are a kind of wolf spiders and are non venomous with respect to human beings though they can bite if provoked. These spiders have been portrayed in various films and documentaries and have become popular as the marketable face of the spiders.
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I heard that tarantulas can be pets.... In fact I saw one not too long ago in a pet store in a glass cage....
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Witch  spider   is   very   nice
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Yes many breeds juts go to the pet store then ask for one and a tame one and then you can pet them.
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1) Find a spider (preferrably during the day) and make it notice you
2) Drop food for the spider to eat. Depending on the food, the spider will be tamed faster (EDIT: Both mushrooms can be found aboveground, added fish):
  • Raw Fish: 12 fish
  • Cooked fish: 10 fish
  • Raw Pork: 8 slabs
  • Cooked Pork: 6 slabs
  • OverworldMushroom: 8 shrooms (they're easy to find usually)
  • Cave Mushrooms: 2 shrooms
This means you would need some preparation and actually have to put effort into maintaining a spider. Alternate Method: ashtheking's mod requires you to feed the spider before every time you ride it. Because of this, I think it would be fitting to feed the spider, say, 12 bonemeal (4 bones). This way, you'd have to work a bit to maintain spider upkeep, but you can still conserve space in your inventory.
3) Once the spider is tamed, its eyes will turn from red to green, and will not attack you at night
4) Now you have a tamed spider!

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