If I kill a fly and I stick it to a spider's web will the spider eat it eventually? (Just wondering maybe if I should do it I love that spider and its web).


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Yin And Yang answered

Why not let the spider do what it naturally does?

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Willie B. good answered

Spiders are predators feeding on insects and even other spiders. Most spiders will only feed on live pray or pray that they have recently killed.

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A live bug struggling to free itself from the web attracts the attention of a spider. Some spiders will only be encouraged  to eat by that vibration on their webs. Some spiders don't need to sense that vibration before feeding begins.

Only by experimenting will you really know.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

I would let it take care of it naturally,  Why would you want trap a fly in a spiders web?  That spider may get you , hey i had a spider bite they're not fun i was antibiotics for 14 days. I got spider bite as large as a golf ball and it bit my neck but i wasn't messing around it . The spider did it when i least expect it to happen.

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