What Are The Pretty Spiders Found In The Bamboo Forests Of Sichuan, China? They Have Green Striped Legs, Long Rectangular Bodies, And They Spin Large Webs.


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From the description you have provided, this spider sounds like a golden silk orb-weaver spider.

They are notorious for spinning large and impressive webs, have rectangular abdomens, and have brightly-coloured, striped legs.

These spiders are also native to Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

Characteristics of the golden silk orb-weaver spider.
  • These spiders are known for their impressive and very large webs, which they weave in order to capture their prey. Other names for this species include the giant wood spider, the writing spider or the banana spider.
  • The golden silk orb-wever's venom is potent but by no means fatal to humans However, if a child or elderly person is bitten, then they should seek medical advice.
  • This species can vary in colour from red to green. Golden silk orb-weaver spiders also have distinctive markings on their bodies, and striped legs which are designed to be very good for weaving large, complex webs.
  • The golden silk orb-weaver's bright colors act as a warning to any potential predators.
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The first one you mentioned, (if it was a light green (almost yellow) in colour), could have been the Nephila clavata or "Golden Orb Web" spider (probably a female if it was that big).

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