I Found A Spider And It's Large And Brown With White Lines On Its Back. Can You Identify It?


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Yes, I can certainly try. There are many different possibilities that could match this description so I will give a selection with a description as well as a link to a picture of each.

Trashline Orb Weaver - These spiders are found throughout the US, but most predominantly in and around the states of Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Pennsylvania. Their habitats tend to be in grasslands but can be found in other dark and damp locations. These spiders can range from 3-8mm. To find a picture click this link www.insectidentification.org/insect-description.asp?identifi

Wolf spider - These spiders live widely throughout the US, Europe and Australia. They have a mainly brown, hairy body with a couple of distinct white stripes down their back. One of the easiest ways to identify Wolf spiders is by the environment in which they have been found. Wolf spiders do not make webs; instead they hunt their prey and so tend to live under rocks. Here is a link to a picture www.countyofkings.com/ag%20commissioner/Common%20Insects.htm .

Brown Widow - This spider type tend to live in the southern states of the US. They vary in color from quite pale brown with white stripes, to quite dark brown with tan stripes. www.sdnhm.org/fieldguide/inverts/latr-geo.html .

If you don't think any of these are what you have found, go to the following website and enter the details of the spider you found and the location you found it and it should bring up the most likely possibilities www.insectidentification.org/ As with all bugs and spiders, be very careful when approaching them and do not pick them up or disturb them. Even some non-venomous spiders will bite when provoked and can result in a nasty reaction similar to bee and wasp stings.
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It may or may not be a recluse. Try looking up pictures of the following spiders, you may find it's one of these instead. These all have white markings on their backs...
Silver Argiope
Young Black Widow
Hammock Spider
Six-spotted Fishing Spider
Rabid Wolf Spider
As with any unknown living creature, be careful! Hope this helps!
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I found a spider that was a light brown color and had a white marking on its back. The spider had long thin legs.
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Sounds like a Brown Recluse, they have lines and a violin shape on its back.  I would look up poisonous spiders in the state where you reside.  Hope this helps.  Good-Luck.

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