Do All Spiders Spin Webs?


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I think not all spiders spin webs, but most of them do to hunt for prey. But unlike the tarantula, wolf spider, baboon spider and some of the other larger spider-species, most of the spiders, venomous or non-venomous, do not have good eyesight and that is why they do not hunt. They rather spin webs because they can feel the vibrations the prey creates when it touches the web. They wait for the prey to fall in their trap so it can feed on it. The hunted prey cannot get off the web because it sticks onto it. The spider wraps the prey in the same silk it uses to spin the web and finally choke it to death. Other spiders, for instance the tarantula, has very good eyesight and don't need webs to catch their prey, they physically hunt for them. Different spiders has different methods of spinning webs. It depends on the specie.
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Most spiders spin webs to trap their prey but many like wolf spiders though they do not hunt in this manner do spin silk to encase their eggs, rear their young or even to glide through the air in windy conditions. Spiders that do not spin webs live in burrows on trees or simply crawl around; web dwelling spiders other than the usual places like nook and crannies or in trees have been known to spin their webs underground (trap-door spiders) or even underwater.

All spiders have glands that secrete a protein substance known commonly as dope which is transformed in to silk by the spinning organs situated at the end of the glands. Web spinning spiders are generally identified by the shape of their web like for example orb spiders which spin the classic spider webs that one sees in gardens and forests or the funnel web spiders who in fact dwell in burrows and spin webs within them which from the outside looks like a funnel.

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