What's The Difference Between A 'Cob Web' & A Spider Web?


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I don't think anything I think they are both the same
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Great question.  I believe they are the same thing too.  I agree with 24601.  Maybe some people just call them spider webs and others call them cob webs.
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the cob web is the web that is formed at the time of mating between the earthworms, while the spider web is one which is formed by the spider using a glue like material,from its mouth
and live with in its web as the house of it.
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A cob web is caused by dust and a spider web is caused by spiders.
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Cob webs are detached particles of spider webs which collect on walls and ceilings and . Well everything else. Then they collect more particles of dust (dead skin cells, feces, and other particulates)  You will never see a spider making a "cob web" on your ceiling .  Although they do make similar dense clusters of web when they make egg sacs and shelters ...
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They are almost exactly the same, but it takes three less letters to spell cob web :-)
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Lolz... I always thought they were the same and ppl just like to call them differently. Cobweb is probably when it makes that circling web thingy lol and spiderweb just means the web. I hope someone else has a better answer, I'll check back on it too.
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Spiders are very diligent in repairing and maintaining their webs. A cobweb is an abandoned spider web that is hanging and collecting dust. Some believe a cobweb is just dust collecting, but it still is collecting on an old spider web.

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