Is A Tarantula A Harmless Spider?


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A tarantula is a large hairy black spider belonging to the type of spiders known as wolf spiders; tarantulas can be tamed and are popular as household pets. Tarantulas are found all over the World but their main concentration is in Africa and South America. Tarantulas can grow to a very large size as compared to other spiders and have been known to attain a growth of up to ten inches. Most tarantulas are not venomous though one kind found in Australia and called the whistling spider on account of the sound it makes when disturbed is known to be particularly venomous.

Tarantulas if they are to be made pets are generally tamed before they are fully grown as these spiders are naturally aggressive and bite if provoked, though tame tarantulas are docile enough to be carried in your hand and petted. Tarantulas though do not spin webs and hunt food by stalking and pouncing on their prey which includes beetles and other small insects though the spider is known to hunt larger prey. Tarantulas often prove to be effective insect repellants as they insect proof the home quite efficiently.

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