My 6 Week Old Puppy Has White Gums, Is This Normal Or Is It A Sign Of A Medical Condition?


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Please take your puppy to the vet, this can well be the sign of parvovirus. I have lost my beagle puppy to parvo not long ago, he showed signs of white gums, and was so weak he would not play or run around which is so out of character for him. The sooner you get then to the vet the more chances of them surviving. There is NO cure for parvovirus, vets can only give them medicine to support their bodies. This virus can either attack their cardiac system or digestive. So be very careful take your pet to the vet asap
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My puppy has white gums and she is about five months old.  She is eating very little and is very weak.  At times it get to the point that it look like she is getting her strength back but before we know it she is weak again unable to eat again by herself.  What should I do now?  Can I give her
worm medicine even if she is this weak or is it to late for her?
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Yes,have her checked ASAP. This could be an autoimmune disease,very bad worm(internal parasite) infestation.Take a stool sample into the vet. This could be from shock.Blood loss,etc..This could be something easy to fix or something more complicated. You need to have the puppy checked.
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It may be a sign of low sugar if it's a small breed dog.  Yorkies and other toy breeds are prone to this. If you have a small breed dog, PLEASE seek immediate medical attention!  Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, can be deadly.  Call your vet for advice.  Six weeks....I would also call the breeder to see what he/she suggests.  That's pretty young to be away from mom, but some breeds may be ready at that age.  Small breeds usually are not ready until closer to 12 weeks.
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A puppy should have nice healthy pink gums. If he/she has white gums, you really should get a vets opinion.  There may be a number of causes e.g. Fleas (can make a puppy anaemic) ~ easily treatable, but if it's not, it can be fatal.  Could be an mouth or tooth infection, or a virus puppy has picked up.  Is puppy fully vaccinated, flea-treated and wormed?
Best thing would be to get puppy checked over by a vet to eliminate any major causes and/or treat any problems.
Good luck .. And enjoy you puppy!
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If they're white the puppy could be dehydrated, does its coat stand away from its body if you pinch it away?Take him up the vets to be safe, and try n get some fluids into him.But don't just leave him, things get worse very quickly with pups...
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It's normal. the gums should soon get color.
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I would have the puppy wormed immediately!!! All puppies are born with worms and white gums are a very good sign that the puppy has them. The gums will get color back, only AFTER the worms are gone. Worms can and often do kill little pups. if not treated. They take over and the puppy gets no nurishment.(hince the white gums) Is the puppy gorging himself and the belly swollen? These are also signs of worms. You may not have a lot of time to treat the puppy. However, the worm medicine begins to work almost immediately. (Be prepared to clean up, it's not pretty) If the pup is loaded with worms, you have to worm them repeatedly until the cycle of the worms are completely cleared. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE MEDICINE. ASK YOUR VET. WORMS KILL LOTS OF PUPPIES, WHEN NOT TREATED!!
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I am new to this site and tried to answer/comment a few min. ago. (so if this turns up to be a repeat, my apologies) But.., the puppy may have white gums because of a SERIOUS INFESTATION OF WORMS! Worms are common in ALL PUPPIES. However they commonly kill puppies as well and very quickly if left untreated! At six weeks and with white gums, if your puppy has never been wormed, then you don't have a lot of time. Get worm med. and worm that puppy right away! (be prepared for a lot of cleaning up after!) If the puppy has already been wormed., remember that pups. / dogs. cats. etc. must be wormed in concordance with the directions on the label. The worms have a quick reproductive life cycle and you must get the adult worms, baby worms and the eggs that are about to hatch. Otherwise you will only be getting the older ones and new ones continue to plague your pet. I've seen many puppies die from worms because people didn't get all of them. Follow the directions on the med. lable and ask your vet. Don't wait, worm it tonight if you can, or first thing in the morning.

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