I Have A 6 Month Old English Mastiff Puppy. She Only Weighs 61 Lbs. And She Has A Bowel Movement IMMEDIATELY After Eating. Is This Normal?


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Eating does stimulate this urge.  Usually puppies will need to go to the toilet 30-40 minutes after a meal.  Try to incorporate this into house training by feeding at regular times and taking your pup outside immediately following a meal.

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English mastiff puppies can be enormous at 6 months. Hundred pound males are not uncommon. Sixty one pounds is still a very large animal. They will continue to grow up until two years. Females average between 120 and 160 lbs. So your dog is right on schedule. Do not try to make the dog fit a size you think is right. If the dog is under the supervision of a good vet, it is unlikely that she is, in any way deficient. Just feed a good quality dog food and do not let the dog over eat. Mastiff's are usually chow hounds, they never get enough. If growth is induced, muscle and joint damage is likely in this breed. While unproven, it is likely that your dog will live longer if not excessively heavy.
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Yes. I have 4 mastiffs of various breeds and about 10 minutes after they or drink they have to go.  But we now feed them outside and let them run in the yard for about an hour after they eat and it worked wonders for potty training.  I had an5 week old and she was trained in 2 days.

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