My Dog Is 6 Weeks Pregnant And Has A Clear Discharge Coming From Her Vulva. Is This Normal?


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My dog is 6 weeks pregnant and has a clear discharge. Is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. Sometimes clear discharge can be present from as little as two weeks after fertilisation.

  • This transparant (and usually odor-free) discharge means that the mucus plug is forming inside your pregnant dog.
  • Usually, this mucus plug will be dislodged from the dog about one week before the onset of labor.
  • Once the mucus plug has been dislodged, then the puppies start to arrive, and they're usually accompanied by a greenish-black discharge. This discharge signifies that the puppy has broken away from the uterine wall.
  • If your dog has a greenish-black discharge, but no puppies arrive, then you'll have to rush your pet to a veterinary surgery right away, as this could be the sign of a very serious situation.
  • If your dog's discharge is foul-smelling, filled with pus, or very bloody, then this could be the sign of a serious infection. If this is the case, then a trip to a vet will again be necessary.
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It is probably her body getting ready for the babies. Keep and eye on it and then if it gets worse I'd call my vet and describe it to them.
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Small amounts of clear, maybe shiny or pearly discharge sometimes? Yes, that's pretty normal. Other colors are a concern though.

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