My 6 Week Old Puppy Sleeps All Day And Is Not Eating. He Hardly Stands Up. Is This Normal?


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No, thats not normal. Take him to a vet. I had a puppy several months ago who died of those and a few other symptoms. It could be due to a variety of health reasons including hereditary problems, organ failure, intestinal parasites, or even the dreaded disease: Parvo, which is highly contagious and very often fatal. Get your puppy professional help. I wish you both luck and a happy ending.
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I just took him to a vet yesterday and they did the fecal test and it came back negative. They said he looked good. He ate this morning around 9am. I put him in his crate while I went to the store for an hour. When I came home he wouldn't come out and 2 hrs later I had to pick him up and take him outside. He just won't get up.
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Well if you took him to the vet, a vet knows much more than a teen with lots of dog experience. If he can eat and keeps his food down that's very good. The only thing I can recommend now is to try different types of toys and activities to get him interested in playing. You can also try finding someone else with a small puppy and see if they will play.

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