I have a 5 month old puppy her stomach is hot. And her gums are pale can you please tell me if this is normal?


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Try to give your pup a little bit of nutri-stat or nutri-cal if you have it on hand and call your vet. Her stomach feeling hot to you may not mean anything or she could actually be running a temp for some reason but no way to really know that but her gums should not be white and then there is whatever may have caused you to check those things in the first place.
You didn't mention breed or size or anything but may be hypoglycemia you should take care of quickly before it becomes an emergency and your pup has to go in or may be something else entirely you should see the vet for. Just give them a call and that way they can get the details from you and let you know if there is anything you might do from home or if your pup should be seen and how quickly. Hope it's nothing much.
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Not normal. May have parvo. Should have the puppie seen by a vet.
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I know what parvo is but this is different. I lost one with the same thing it wasnt parvo. But thank you for caring.

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