My 6 Week Old Puppy Is Sniffling, Has A Runny Nose And Is Shivering Like He Is Cold Is This Normal?


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Not sure why you would have a 6 week old puppy anyway; with the presumption that the you just got it, and hopefully was checked out by the vet, truly has not been cold, normal, and has not been around other dogs, too many people and is as playful as a 6week old could be, and eating and drinking is normal I probably would not be extremely concerned. It would however be advisable to have your puppy checked out by the vet as it probably needs some puppy shots.
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You should have a new puppy checked by the vet within 24 to 48 hours at any time to establish a medical record and be sure you got a reasonably healthy puppy. You should not have a six week old pup unless you have the mom and littermates as well and I might be extremely concerned about the future all things considered if you don't have mom and the rest of the litter if you do. :-) You should have the puppy checked out as sniffles often turn into pneumonia very quickly lately which is serious and life threatening so it should probably be monitored by a veterinarian until cleared.

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