I Am Thinking About Getting A Maltipoo Puppy It Is 5 Weeks Old But Its Nose Is Just Starting To Turn Black , Is This Normal Or Could This Not Be A Full Blooded Maltipoo?


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Maltese X Poodles, or "Maltipoo" are not purebred anyway, they're not a recognised breed, they're a mixed breed.
Plus if the breed is selling it at 5 weeks old, I wouldn't get it anyway because that is far too young to separate the pup from its mum, which suggests the breeder isn't necessarily a "good breeder". A pup that small, shouldn't be sold until it is at least 7-8 weeks old.
If you're worried about the breeder being honest about the pup's breeding though, don't get it.
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I agree that if the breeder is willing to sell the puppy at 5 weeks, run, don't walk away.  Now it could be OK if you are selecting a puppy to take home after it is 7-8 weeks old.

Even then, many of the Maltipoos and other ''designer'' mixes are a racket ripping people off with over priced, poor quality puppies.  Most owners of quality purebreds won't allow them to be cross bred like that.
If the Maltese/Poodle cross appeals to you, don't pay an inflated price for a low quality one from a puppy mill or backyard breeder.  The shelters are full of them.  One of the best sources for dogs with a predictable personality is the rescue dogs.  These are dogs that lost their home, but were taken into a foster home to be retrained as necessary and placed in the right home for them.  You may find a rescue near you starting at www.akc.org  The rescues charge a fee to help cover their expenses, but is much less than the price of a puppy plus all its medical expenses the first year.  Many Maltese or Poodle rescues will have mixes too.  Also see www.petfinders.org
I am not sure about the nose.  Most yellow Labs are born with black noses, although some later fade to pink with time and a lack of sunlight.

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