My Chihuahua Is Really Itchy And Has No Sign Of Fleas. He Is Missing Patches Of Hair From His Nose And The Vet Said To Just Wait? Does Anyone Know What It May Be?


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Opal Van Ness answered
I had a English Bulldog that lost hair from his sides. Dr. Did allergy tests and tried medications - still no hair - I finally said he is in no pain and not sick - he didn't lose anymore hair. I left it alone. It was kinda cute like someone just shaved him in those spots.He was way to big to reach them to scratch - it was different.
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Its mange you can get a medicine to treat it.
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I have a chihuahua to its probably  cus you shower to much for it thats what happened too mines so I didnt shower for him for about two months and his fur grew all back :)

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