I Think My Cat A Hair Ball Stuck In Throat, How Can I Help Him?


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Hairballs are also called 'trichobezoars'. They are an unfortunate, but normal, part of a cat's grooming process. Cats can ingest their loose hair during grooming and it will sometimes build up in their stomach instead of passing through their digestive tract. If the hairball has got stuck in your cat's throat the immediate priority is to remove the blockage. This can be followed by treatments to ensure a safe and complete passage through your cat's digestive tract.

You can help your cat by the following method:

1.       Hold your cat in one hand. With your other hand slowly and gently rub the cat's throat. This should help in dislodging the hairball. It will either carry on going down into your cat's stomach or exit its mouth as vomit.

2.       If the hairball was swallowed by your cat, apply a little bit of petroleum jelly on its paw. The petroleum jelly will be instinctively licked off by your cat. This will then go to your cat's stomach and cover the hairball and make it easier to defecate. The intestines do not absorb petroleum jelly.

3.       Fibre content should be increased in the diet of your cat for helping the hairball pass through its gastrointestinal tract. Choose a good fibre food designated to be formulated to dislodge the hairball and defecate it. You can also use one tablespoon canned pumpkin mixed in with their food twice every day. A small container of high fibre grass can also be grown near the feeding dish of your cat. 

4.       Comb the fur of your cat every other day to help in removing the excess fur that is loose. If you have a short haired cat, use a fine toothed flea comb. For cats with longer hair, use a wide toothed comb. Throw away any of the fur that has been removed immediately. This stops your cat from finding it and swallowing it again.
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At Petsmart they have this hairball gel that you put on their paw and they have to lick it off....they can't shake it off. It is called Lax-atone. It will break down the hairball. Cat-grass will also help. Petsmart or Pet-co has food made especially for breaking down and preventing hairballs.
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My cat caught a mouse a few hours ago-I don,t know if she ate it or not she usually just plays with them but now she is not happy and was gulping for a while .I can,t see any thing in her mouth but am worried about goingto bed if she,s ill. Please help.
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When a cat has a hair ball, they usually vomit it up in time. There is medication that you can get for this at the vet. Pet stores might have it too. Trouble swallowing does not really sound like a hair ball. Your cat could have a throat obstruction. You should really take the animal to the vet.
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There is a medication for that the vet

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