My Labrador Keeps Scratching But Does Not Have Fleas, He Is Also Eating Alot Of Grass And Keeps Being Sick What Is Wrong With Him?


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I know it doesn't seem like much but you might want to take him in. It can actually indicate some serious problems like thyroid, organ trouble, or metabolic/endocrine problems, cushings, to name a few. He may just be allergic to something but it's better to have your vet check him out and ask a few questions to be sure. If you've bathed him recently on your own was he thoroughly rinsed? Here's some info on food's in case he has food allergies. They are often horribly allergic to their foods and often the ones that people think are the best are the worst for our dogs and contain loads of chemicals (like ethoxiquin) and fillers like corn (which almost all of them are horribly allergic to). 

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