What Are Symptoms That My Cat Has Tooth Pain?


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Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell when our furry little friends are in pain since they can't tell us directly. However, if your cat is licking and constantly opening his mouth, he's definitely trying to tell you something. Some common signs of tooth pain in cats include a bad smell coming from the mouth, unwillingness to eat (particularly dry foods), and general lethargy (granted, since cats spend most of their time lounging around anyway, it can be tough to tell when they're being lethargic as opposed to just being cats).

Dental issues can be very serious, particularly if an infection is involved (an odor can indicate an infection). If your cat is displaying any symptoms other than the licking and opening of his mouth, I would strongly recommend taking him in to see a vet as soon as possible.

I also recommend regular dental cleanings, which a vet can do for you as well. If you have a fairly relaxed cat, you can 'brush' his teeth for him using your finger and some toothpaste (you can use human toothpaste, but don't let him swallow it; or you can get special cat toothpaste at a pet store).
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Using human toothpaste is really not recommended since it's very hard to convince a cat not to swallow something if it's inclined. Better to spring the $4 for the kitty toothpaste; your cat will be more accommodating to it anyway.
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I hate to state the obvious but, you could always poke the tooth and see if the cat acts like it is in pain.

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