My Dog Has A Brown Waxy Discharge From One Ear Only, What Could This Be?


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As you've stated that only one ear has a waxy discharge, I assume the other is fine and that we're not dealing with a natural process but rather a medical condition or symptoms of one thereof.
First and foremost is your pooch in pain? Does he or she react when you touch them, do they tilt or shake their heads incessantly. How is your dog's balance?
If any of these are ringing true then we're looking at two general causes, either ear mites or and ear infection.
To test for ear mites inspect the discharge is it a crusty, reddish-brown color. Take a close look with a magnifying glass and do you see tiny red dots? If so your dog has ear mites. They are a range of commercially available treatments but they all do different things so speak to your vet to choose the best one for your situation.
Otherwise it may be an ear infection. If the discharge is a waxy yellow, or reddish-brown then it may be an outer ear infection (otitis externa). Allergies, mites, polyps, overproduction of earwax, excessive bathing or swimming may cause this symptom. If it is particularly smelly then it points to this too. You should head straight to your local veterinary surgery as you may require antibiotic lotion, oral medication, an ear-cleaning solution, or an ear-drying solution. Surgery may be needed if it is protracted.
Untreated, this can lead to an inner ear infection (otitis interna) or middle ear infection (otitis media). If you canine friend is reluctant to open their mouth or having issues with balance, then it may have reached this stage. You might require antibiotics, the vet to flush the ear, or possibly surgery if the infection is severe.
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Ear infection, either bacterial or yeast. smear it on a white paper and look with a magnifying glass; if you see red dots then it's mites. Your dog needs to go to the vet, have the ear flushed then treated. You'll be sent home w/ear wash and an goo to put in the ear. Don't use the goo til about an hour after the wash. The wash solution is meant to dry out the ear your goo will be dried up in the canal and not do the job. Also, when you squeeze the stuff in its ear, make sure there is a lot of product down in the point. Otherwise, it makes a sucking noise which is very frightful...specially when it's jammed into your ear!
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thanks for asking this question and someone answering it, i am online now trying to find out why my dog is doing all this tonight. it kind of frightened me a little until i found this question and answer thanks...Tessa
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I don't think we are supposed to put a cu-tip in out dog's ears. If they move suddenly, there could be a rupture!   I use a wet towel for the outside and go to the vet for the deeper part of the ear.    Sorry Guest.
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Wax . Maybe an infection. Clean gently with warm water and cotton balls. If it continues see a vet.
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Ear Mites...Or an infection use soft cu-tips or cotton balls to clear away the brow waxy stuff. If not better, see a vet. :) Welcome.

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