Why Does My Dog Put Her Paws On Me While I Pet Her?


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Some people believe that a dog putting his paws on you is a dominance related thing and should be stopped to avoid obedience problems. Others believe that it is either a sign of love or a request for attention.

  • So why do Dogs Put Their Paws on You?
We believe that this is probably very much a question of context. There are times when a dog simply wants to be close, and putting his paws onto his owner's legs allows him to get physically closer. Take Jet, the author's Labrador and Staffordshire Bull terrier cross, for example.

  • Great Softy
Jet is a real soppy dog who loves nothing more than having his chest rubbed. Ideally, he would sit on the author's lap while being petted, but he is a little large for that. So he puts up his paws to allow access to just the right spot where he likes to be rubbed.

Sometimes he will put his right paw onto her arm while getting his chest rubbed. It may look a little like dominance, so she simply moves her arm over, just in case. To be quite honest, it is much more like an 'Oooh, please do not stop' than anything else.

  • Asking for a Treat
Sometimes Jet will just put up one paw. That usually means he has spotted his treats and is asking nicely. Who could refuse? After all, he was taught to raise his paw before getting a treat.

  • The Dominance Thing
Dogs are pack animals and putting a paw onto a lower ranked pack member does signify dominance. But it depends on the dog and the situation. Jet has his owner completely wrapped around his little finger, or better claw, but he knows who is the boss and responds to a look or signal with immediate obedience.
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She does that because she is enjoying it.If you touch her by the elbow her senses tell her to put it up.But who knows Asked the same question and I found it out
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My dog does the same thing. She puts her paw on my hand and it's a sign of dominance she also puts her muzzle on my lap when no ones petting her.
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My dog sort of does the same thing, but she jumps up. I think they do it because they like the feeling. They can also put their claws on you if she is tired, and wants a stretch!
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Dogs have what's called pack instinct or herd instinct. Placing her paws on you is her attempt to be dominant. You should discourage it.

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