My Dog Has A Lot Of Black Stuff Coming Out From His Right Ear. He Doesn't Want To Eat Or Drink And He Turns His Head To One Side When He Walks. What Is It?


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Discharge from the ears can be due to a bacterial infection, yeast infection, or ear mites.  Yeast and bacteria are often dark brown while mites tend to cause a darker, blackish discharge.
The head tilt and decreased appetite may signal that the ear drum has been ruptured and this is a middle or inner ear infection instead of a simple external ear infection.  Middle and inner ear disease causes neurological signs like head tilt, difficultly with balance, and nausea.  The center for balance is located in this area and when it is diseased dogs show signs of motion sickness.
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian who will do a deep clean then look down the ears with an otoscope to visualize the ear drum to see if it's intact.  Do not try to do a deep clean at home as you may end up creating a ruptured ear drum.
Treatment may include topical or oral medication depending what is wrong.  Topical medication is usually used if the ear drum is intact. 
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It could be that he has a lot of wax in there, or ear mites, but it's rare that this would happen with ear mites, take him to the vet and have him checked out for his own good. Hope this helps, good luck.
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You really must have your dog looked at by a vet.  If you can't afford it, then you cannot have a pet.  The dog is suffering and it could be a variety of things.  I suspect a yeast infection.  There are some vets who are low cost.  Ask around and see if there are any in your area.
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Damned straight. Same goes for kids. "If you can't afford them, don't have them".

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