My Dog Is Vomiting Dark Brown Vomit, What Could This Be?


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Take him to the vet ASAP!!!! This happened to my dog and she had a blockage in her stomach or something like that it is very very serious but if you get to the vet early enough they can take care of it without surgery.
At first I thought my pup was pooping on the rug I didnt realize she was getting sick so I waited a few day before I brought her but def get the dog to the vet TONIGHT!
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You may just be feeding her too much that's why vomiting if her foods brown she might be ok but if her foods not you should take her to the vet and also, don't feed her chocolate or chesse or any vegtable. It's ok if there vegtable in her food. My dogs are kept healthy by feeding them dry dog food with warm water poured over it (they sleep outside) and we give the cold water daily but there is atomatic water fillers in the field so sometimes they drink out of that.

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