My Golden Retriever Has A Pocket Of Fluid On The Inside Of His Ear Flap, What Could This Be?


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This is probably an aural ear hematoma. This can be caused by Puppy (or kitty) scratching their ears and shaking their head, usually because of an ear infection, ear mites, or a foreign body in the ear canal. The fluid in the ear flap is blood which has built up because from puppy shaking his or her head and/or scratching his or her ears which has ruptured the blood vessels. Puppy will probably need surgery to remedy the problem. The surgery is pretty straight forward so don't worry... There is a website that I have been using for a while when I have questions. I have been a Vet Tech for almost 10 years and this is a GREAT website because it explains things in a way that everyone can understand (not just doctors) and they usually have pictures. In this case, there are pictures of an aural ear hematoma before and after surgery (and I think the pics are of a Golden Retreiver lol). Here is the website  I really hope I have helped you and Puppy. If you think that it is infact an aural ear hematoma, I suggest getting Puppy to the vet as soon as possible since they can be painful. Please let me know how everything works out by leaving me a message in my shout box, or emailing me.
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