Can A Puppy Eat Before Vaccinations?


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When you get a puppy, the first and most important thing to do is to register it with a vet and then look into vaccinations.

A vaccination is vital for a young dog as it is the best way to protect your pet against a whole range of nasty and potentially fatal diseases. It is worth remembering that while you are protecting your own dog, vaccination will also help safeguard other dogs that may come in contact with your puppy, as the spread of disease and infection will be greatly reduced.

A vaccine contains a harmless form of the virus or bacterium, which the animal is being immunized against. It will stimulate the puppy's natural defense against disease, and from then on the same protective response will be triggered whenever that disease is encountered.

Vaccination should begin within 7-8 weeks of your puppy's birth with a second dose at 10 weeks. It will cover a number of diseases including Distemper, Canine adenovirus and rabies.

It is recommended that you wait 7 days before you can safely consider your puppy immune; to minimize the risk of infection you must keep it away from other dogs and places where they might have been.

When taking your puppy to be vaccinated, a vet or veterinary nurse will give you details of how to prepare your pet for the process. The dog will be conscious for the procedure as a vaccination is quick and painless, therefore it is likely your puppy will be allowed to eat before. However, if you are still unsure it is always worth seeking the advice of the person conducting the vaccination.

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