My Puppy Had Second Vaccination Last Wednesday, Can He Go Out For A Walk?


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A puppy should be over 10 weeks and should have received his second shot seven days beforehand to be able to safely go for a walk.

The dog will need to be fully vaccinated before he can be in touch with the outside world as he will be highly susceptible to illness if he has not been vaccinated.

If he is any younger than this and has not received his shots you can carry him outside to get a feel for the noises and sights but do not let him run free as he may come in contact with something nasty.

Dogs generally receive their first shots at eight weeks and their second shot at 10 weeks and then are able to fully function outside seven days after the second shot.

Puppies are at risk of numerous illnesses if they are allowed out before this. Dogs should always be taken out on a leash during this time as it will prevent them going places they shouldn’t. Even in the back garden this should be the case. They should also be well fenced in.

The shots the dog gets include for the following:

•Canine adenovirus
•Kennel Cough

Puppy vaccines are very safe, low dosage vaccines that the puppy should have minimum side effects from. The most severe is a breathing problem called anaphylaxis. If this is the case it should be brought immediately to the vet. The risks of not getting vaccinated greatly outnumber any slight possible risks from vaccination.

Like children and adults puppies are very susceptible to disease due to weak immune systems. These vaccinations and keeping the puppy in doors should prevent any mishaps or illnesses for the puppy in the short and long term
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Vaccine prodicol set up by the university of davis, ca advises 1st dhlpp vaccine at 6-8 weeks of age, second dhlpp vaccine at 10-12 weeks of age and third dhlpp vaccine at 14-16 weeks of age. It is also suggested by many veterinarians that you wait one week after the last vaccine before taking your pet on walks in the park or any where there may a lot of pet activity. the rabies vaccine is usually given around 16 weeks of age as well. your pet is not protected against parvo, distemper, hepatitis, lepto and parinfluenza before the complete series of vaccines so please don't take a chance these are all very serious illnesses.
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Hi there, After the second immunisation it is recommended by most vaccine manufactures that a period of not less than 14 days (two weeks) is allowed before you walk your puppy. When your puppy is walked it will be potentially exposed to infection and this delay in exposing him/her is to allow the vaccine to 'educate' his/her' imune system so that it recognises and starts fighting potentially devestating infections.
I hope that helps and have a great time with your pup'.
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It needs to have been  2 weeks after their vaccination before they are allowed to go for a walk
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Your puppy will have adequate protection starting 1 week after it's 12 week booster.  Talk to your veterinarian to see if they run a puppy socialization class to start increasing your puppies early experiences and socialization.
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My puppy had his second vaccination last Wednesday can he go out for a walk yet
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Hi my yorkie puppy had her 2nd injection last thursday 4th march she not as bouncy and is sleeping quite a lot  will she be ok
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You can bring your dog for a walk but do bring some water in case it gets tired...:)

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