Can I Give My Puppy A Rabies Shot Before 4moths?


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No, it is not recommended to use rabies vaccines in dogs before the age of 4 months or 24 weeks. There is difference in law about rabies vaccine in all states of USA but it is sure that first vaccine should be given at the age of 24-26 weeks followed by booster injection one year later.
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Thank you for the answer.
There're raccoons and skunks in my neighborhood, so I was hoping that the rabies shot can be done earlier, so that I can teach my puppy to go outside for potty. But I guess I need to stat off with tarining pad method then. Thank you!
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Rabies vaccine usually has to be given by a veterinarian by law. If you don't have to or it's not a concern in your area I'd hold off. If your travelling across state lines or getting a health certificate then you need it for a pup over 3 months usually. Best thing to do is consult your vet. If they start rabies in your area earlier then your vet will know that. They'll tell you when it's recommended to have it done and when your required to have it done if you ask. :-)

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