My Ferret Is Sick, He Cant Use His Back Legs He Isnt Eating Or Drinking And Is Very Tired,he Has A Black Colored Stool, In The Beginning He Could Not Potty Know It Is Black And Has A Small Amount Of Blood Around His Rectum?


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This is 2 weeks after your question was written.... So if the ferret is still sick/alive.... Get it to the vet !!!
A non-eating ferret is a SICK ferret. Ferrets will rapidly deteriorate... Never take a "wait and see" approach. There are recipes for "Duck Soup" on the net.... It can be a 'life saver' for a ferret. They NEED to eat something substantial, as they have a "3 hour metabolism cycle". (Three hours after they last ate... They are "empty".)

Black stool is indicative of an internal bleed. Black (tarry looking) stool is a slow bleed, or "old blood". A fresh bleed (or more rapid bleed) will be bright red.

Ferrets can have a many things go wrong with them, even if the have had a super healthy life. If one of my (3) ferrets didn't eat, or acted lethargic for 12 hours (max) .... He (mine are all boys) would be AT the vet.... No question.

If you can't afford the vet... Or just don't want to risk the payment.... Look online for a ferret rescue near you .... And CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY !! They will take him/her off your hands, and get the medical attention he/she needs. I don't mean to sound harsh.... But again, a SICK ferret is nothing to "wait and see" about !!

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