My Dog Was Very Irritable, Then He Vomited A Few Times And Would Try To Lie Down And Could Not Keep Still. He Kept Moving And Kick His Back Legs And Licking His Feet And Rectum,What To Do?


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Occasional vomiting in dogs is considered to be not a matter of concern but, if it continues for more than 24 hours then it is medical emergency.

Licking in dogs is usually associated with part of self grooming, licking habits and itching. Your dog is  having vomiting and licking legs and anus which can be due to insect bite, skin parasite, sore anus, rectal prolapse,  impacted anal sac, and tapeworm.

Impacted anal sacs need to be expressed. Tapeworm infection can cause anal irritation. Tapeworms are identified by the presence of their segments on anal area and by fecal flotation. Treatment includes medicines like Fenbenzadole and Praziquantel. You should take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. At your home, make control of fleas and take care of water and diet of your dog.

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