My Ferrets Feels Warm To The Touch. Can He Have A Fever And Why?


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Julii Brainard answered
  Yes, it could have a fever.  All mammals tend to run a temperature if they are fighting off an infection.

  If the animal seems happy and pretty much its usual self then I wouldn't worry about it.  It could just be a misperception on your part.

  The most likely cause of infection in a pet is an injury of some sort.  Can you carefully examine the animal, looking for any abscesses or badly healing cuts?  Can you remember any recent injuries?

  Disease -- a contagious illness of some sort -- is another possibility.

  Unfortunately, taking a ferret's temperature involves some intimate contact with parts of their anatomy you don't normally think about.  You have to stick a thermonitor up their bums-read how here.

  Do contact a vet if the temp is too high, for further advice.

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