My Corn Snake Is Getting A Pale Color And It's Not The Shed, His Skin Is A Very Pale Grey And It Has A Smelly Mucus On It, He Won't Eat But He Is Active. What Should I Do?


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I would go to a vet, I would hate to say it's minor when it could be very serious. Clean the cage and everything in it with antibacterial soap and rinse it very well, then put clean papertowls down as bedding and change emmedietly when soiled! It could be a bacteria infection, parasites... Only a vet can determine what's really wrong.
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It sounds like your little friend may have developed an infection or attracted a fungus. Contact the store that you got him from, describe the situation. And ask if they carry a rub on remedy that will help. I had a similar problem with a lizard that was in the beginning stages of shedding. The store helped us out a lot. Good luck.
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Can you feed an albino corn snake when he is in the beginning stages of shedding
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I'm interested in this question, I have bred snakes for awhile and have never seen anything like that, if you're still around, may I ask what it ended up being and if the snake was ok?
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My 4 and half foot corn snake will not eat he has never touched the mice that we have put in for him now for 5 weeks whats wrong with him

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