Can Anybody Tell Me About The Most Basic Symptoms Of Dog Illness?


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By nature a dog tends to hide his/her illness and it needs a careful observation to get an idea on clue about the dog's illness. But more you understand the behavior of your dog more it'll easier for you to know about the dog's health.

If a dog looks differently or doesn't look same one, starts showing different reactions from normal reactions and has changed eating or drinking habits then it's a time to inspect dog closely for the possible illness and sickness dog maybe suffering from. For example; if a dog has gained or lost weight while still consuming normal quantity of food is a warming sign that something is wrong with the dog. A 10% change in dog's weight should alert you about the dog's health.

Major sign of dog illness is lethargy meaning laziness or sluggishness. If a dog refuses to walk or play though walking and playing are the favorite activities of a dog is alarming sign. Sometimes hot weather cause lethargy but if it continues for more than two days then it means there is something seriously wrong with the dog health. If you find any of these symptoms in your dog then consult veterinary doctor as soon as possible.
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My dog is shaking, has a swollen head and side of the face, has a fever
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My dog is acting as though he has
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My dog is lethargic and refuses to walk,play or urinate and his behavior is radically different from his norma behavior
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My dog suddenly doesn't want to get up at all. He is shaking and whining when bothered. He will eat and drink if it is brought to him and potty if I take him outside. There are no sensitive spots just feeling bad behavior
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My dog is having trouble walking and laying down. Will only eat from my hand, and won't drink. Is lethargy
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My dog is limping, vet said could be infection, but possible another dog hurt him, this was a month ago, happened again today, limping
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My dog started limping and now refuses to eat. I thought it may have been hip dysplaysia but it seems different. Both legs on one side seem to not work right and he has stopped eating and he won't leave my side

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