My Dog Ate Paint, Will He Be Ok?


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Paints usually contain lead and lead is toxic for dogs. So, your dog might be having lead poisoning. Symptoms of lead poisoning are

1. Vomiting
2. Diarrhea
3. Abdominal pain
4. Loss of appetite
5. Muscle tremors
6. Weakness
7. Anxiety
8. Seizures
9. Blindness
10. Deafness
11. Shortness of breath
12. Increased thirst and urination
13. Loss of mental alertness
14. In coordination
15. Behavioral changes

Treatment includes

1. Gastric lavage
2. Surgery
3. Administration of chelating agents
4. IV administration of fluids
5. Anticonvulsant medicines

So, take your dog to vet.
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It depends on the type of mom says
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All in all thankfully he was fine... He ended up getting it all back up!!! Thank you for your help!!!!!!!


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