My Female Pit Bull Is Shedding Excessively..! Can Anyone Help. She Just Gave Birth To A Litter Of 5 Pups April 25 So I Know Her Immune System Is Not Up To Par At This Time?


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Hair loss in dogs after delivery of the puppies is common complain of the owners. This problem is due to hormonal changes causing endocrine problems. This condition is self treated when hormonal levels become normal. You can also get help from your local vet who may order of blood tests to know the hormonal levels in order to prescribe medicines. So, it will be better to take her to vet.
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Thank you kindly yea I did a little research yesterday and came across something called Telogen Effluvium something about her estrogen levels...... Well thanks anyway.
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I answered your question in your shout out box. I just saw your pic and my female looked just like her. Go to your shout out box and you will see my answer.

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